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Construction Slows at Tamarack


The truck traffic through Donnelly isn't what it used to be. Apparently, construction at Tamarack Resort's Village Plaza has slowed down, as the resort reviews its overall spending.

A memo was sent late last week to all Tamarack employees, quoted in the Star-News of McCall, saying that rumors of a total shutdown of construction were inaccurate.

"We have asked certain contractors to stop purchases until we review our overall spending plan," the memo read. "Tamarack has not missed any payments to its contractors."

Jessica Flynn, spokeswoman for Tamarack, said as much in a message left at BW.

"We're reviewing our spending plan and trying to match expenses with receipts," Flynn said.

Businesses along Donnelly's main street said only that they'd seen a dramatic slowdown in truck traffic. Since the construction boom has more or less transformed Donnelly, as indicated in an Idaho Business Review profile, any hiccup in the big construction would be alarming to local business owners.

Flynn also passed along a well-timed "State of the Resort Report," detailing the doings up in Donnelly. That report paints a picture of a resort going up like gangbusters, but that is also settling into a different sort of groove.

"Rapid growth and development brought us here; now we are focusing on completing existing projects and prioritizing to manage growth and expenses so we operate as efficiently and responsibly as possible as we bring the full vision of Tamarack to life," said Tamarack CEO Jean-Pierre Boespflug.

For fiscal year 2007, the report reads, Tamarack posted revenue of $13.5 million for operations, $2.8 million for the non-profit municipal association, and $76.3 million for real estate sales.

The number of contractors employed on various projects ongoing at the resort has ranged from 400 to 700 over the past year. The projects include the nearly $100 million six-building Village Plaza, and the more than $30 million Lodge at Osprey Meadows Lake Wing.