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Conner Youngblood

Neurolux, Thursday, Dec. 6


Singer-songwriter Conner Youngblood's debut album, Cheyenne (Counter Records, 2018), plays like something half-forgotten. Though each of the world traveler's songs are meant to evoke a specific place—Los Angeles, Stockholm, Yellowknife in Canada—they feel more like soundtracks to the listener's best and worst memories, ethereal and evocative echoes. The bounding soundscape of "The Birds of Finland," for example, is a good memory, while the subtly shifting threads of "Cheyenne" form a bad one, an impression reinforced by the song's discomforting video. In it, Youngblood leans against a bright yellow car mired in fog, humming along to the music with a faint smile even as silent gunshots bloody his chest. The juxtaposition is both unsettling and somehow beautiful. In addition to contributing sparse, breathy vocals, Youngblood is a multi-instrumentalist, and rounds out his debut with harp, cuatro and flute melodies. Catch his solo show at Neurolux on Thursday, Dec. 6, to step into a different headspace.

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