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Company of Fools Focuses on the Modern Family in Distracted

Runs through Sunday, Feb. 17


Being a parent is hard. Is your child's tantrum a sign of passing unhappiness or a harbinger of his or her creative genius? What if it's caused by mental illness? In a hypochondriac age aided by the Internet, none of that is a real barrier to the fear that a child is somehow different.

Distracted, the hysterically honest play by Lisa Loomer, presented by Company of Fools, harnesses the harsh truths about America's pill-popping, quick-fix culture, depicting the delinquency of an 8-year-old boy and his addled family in search of help.

Family friends opine that the culprit is attention deficit disorder or perhaps allergies. Searching for an antidote, his mother hunts down the expert advice of professionals and the not-so-expert advice of Google to remedy her son's foul mouth and troublesome behaviors.

This edgy play turns the spotlight on modern society and asks if we are losing ourselves in a world full of diagnoses and endless virtual information?

Company of Fools presents Distracted Wednesday, Feb. 13 to Friday, March 1, at the Liberty Theatre in Hailey. For the cost of a child's Adderall prescription, you can purchase an adult ticket for $30. For the price of an off-brand Adderall prescription, you can purchase a student ticket for $10. And if you're old enough, you may qualify for the discounted senior ticket for $20—the price of the less popular Ritalin.

Between the profound message and playful humor, this play has something for those on the lookout for a few yuks as well as theatergoers in search of a serious play.