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Companies Agree to Quit Peddling Magazine Subscriptions in Idaho


Two Oregon-based companies that have been marketing magazine subscriptions under nine different business names to Idaho consumers for years have agreed to stop doing business in Idaho. The settlement was announced Tuesday by the office of Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden.

The parent companies are Liberty Publishers Service and Orbital Publishing Group, but have operated under the names of: Allied Publishers Services; Associated Publishers Network; Associated Publishers Services; Magazine Billing Network; Publishers Billing Association; Publishers Billing Exchange; Publishers Distribution Services; Publishers Periodical Services; Publishers Service Exchange; and United Publishers Services.

"My Consumer Protection Division raised new issues with Liberty Publishers Service earlier this year,” said Wasden in Tuesday's announcement. “After we contacted the company, executives worked cooperatively with my office to remove itself and any associated entities from the Idaho marketplace.”

The companies have agreed to end the practice of mailing renewal offers to subscribers who had believed the offers had been coming from publishers. Wasden said consumers complaints regarding the companies dated back years. The companies have agreed to pay $500 to offset fees and investigative costs, but more importantly are now prohibited from offering magazine or newspaper subscriptions or collecting debts from the sale of previous subscriptions in Idaho.