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Commuters Driving Solo in Idaho Surpass National Average


  • Leila Ramella-Rader
According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, Idaho drivers spend less time behind the wheel in their daily commute. The average travel time in Idaho is slightly over 19 minutes, lower than the national average of just over 25 minutes. The commuting details are part of a new report distributed by CarMax.

Across the Treasure Valley, daily commute times are lowest in Boise (17.2 minutes), compared to 21 minutes for Meridian drivers and just over 22 minutes for Nampa drivers.

The CarMax report included the daily commute times for the three largest cities in each state, how commuters traveled and the number of vehicles per household.

According to the data, 78.9 percent of the working population in Idaho commutes with only one person in the vehicle. Only 2.2 percent walk to work, and a mere 0.8 percent of Idaho workers use public transportation to get to the workplace. Nationally, 76.6 percent of workers drive alone, 2.8 percent walk, and 5.23 percent use public transportation.

CarMax says car ownership per household in Idaho is also slightly lower than the national average, with 20.2 percent of households having one car and 40.6 percent owning two. The ownership of three or more cars is slightly higher than average, with 23.3 percent of Idahoans having three cars and 13.9 percent having four. The largest share of households in the United States own two cars per household.

For more of CarMax's report on commuting in Idaho and across the U.S., click here.

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