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Punk rock may be notoriously macho, but one notorious punker is swinging the other way. Tom Gabel, singer for Florida band Against Me!, announced that he will now be a she--Laura Jane Grace, to be precise.

As one of the first major rock stars to come out as transgender, Grace got some serious real estate in the May 11 issue of Rolling Stone, discussing everything from coming out to her band to alternatively praying to both God and the devil for a female body as a child. Grace also told Rolling Stone that she will remain married to her current spouse, with whom she has a child.

In news closer to home and yet still far away, Boise band Hillfolk Noir is finalizing plans for a United Kingdom tour this summer that will include performances in London and Brighton. Cameron Bouiss, drummer for Finn Riggins, will fill in for Hillfolk Noir drummer Jared Goodpaster, who cannot tour because of other obligations.

In news of comings rather than goings, Idaho native Josh Ritter will be returning to his old stomping grounds for a performance in Boise at the Knitting Factory on Saturday, July 14. Tickets for that show are $25 and on sale now.

Local band Spondee has been quiet for awhile, but its members have kept busy with other projects like running the brief-lived all-ages venue Colorcube. But the band is set to re-emerge and to drop a new EP on Saturday, May 19, with a show at The Crux. Fountains, The Very Most and 2'nicorn will open. The show is all-ages and will include the EP for only $3.

Local metal venue The Shredder is cranking its pace up from power to thrash. Starting last week, the venue went from being open on show nights only to being open more regularly.

Owner Justin Cantrell told BW that the plan is to open at 5 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays for anyone who wants to have a beer, skate the ramp and just generally be metal as fuck.

And finally, Payette Brewing and The Record Exchange are going to throw down for Bob Dylan, celebrating the musician's 70th birthday with a soiree at the RX. The event will kick off on Thursday, May 24, at 5 p.m. and feature raffles, free beer from Payette, a sale on all products Dylan-related and a ton of local musicians playing Dylan's hits on the Record Exchange stage. No one has signed up to go electric or be condescending to John Lennon yet, but we have our fingers crossed.