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Coming Attractions: Oscar-Buzz Movies

It's the best time of year for films


Nov. 11: J. Edgar--Leonardo DiCaprio, directed by Clint Eastwood, in a profile of possibly the most powerful man of the 20th century.

Nov. 23: My Week With Marilyn--Michelle Williams is getting glowing film-festival notices of her portrayal of Miss Monroe.

Dec. 21: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo--The first of three Americanized versions of Stieg Larsson's trilogy.

Dec. 23: The Artist--If you haven't heard about this one, you will soon. It's a gorgeous (yet black and white) tribute to 1930s Hollywood.

Dec. 25: War Horse--Steven Spielberg's adaptation of the hit stage drama.

Jan. 6: The Iron Lady--She's mastered every other accent and mannerism in history. Meryl Streep was bound to get around to portraying Margaret Thatcher.

Jan. 13: The Descendants--George Clooney's best starring role to date. Sure to win him a trip to the Academy's big night.

Jan. 13: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy--John le Carre's spy classic starring Colin Firth and Gary Oldman.

Jan. 20: A Dangerous Method--Director David Cronenberg takes on Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and a lot of sex with the help of Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender and Keira Knightley.