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Comedy Central greenlights more "Tosh.0"

New episodes of the series air in the fall


Comedy Central has ordered new episodes of comedian Daniel Tosh's weekly series Tosh.0.

When we spoke to Tosh last month, he said that even though his show didn't cost the network much to make—it's mainly Tosh and a few buddies cruising the cyber highway everyday in search of fodder—Tosh.0 could end up on the chopping block:

"The only episode they care about and effects the show's longevity is that first show," Tosh said. "I tease, but that's the reality of it until they get a system like the Internet where they can tell exactly how many people watched your show instead of some arbitrary rating system that hasn't been useful in 30 years."

Something in the antiquated rating system must be working, because at least six new episodes will begin airing on Thursday, Oct. 8.

And in the interim, the Tosh.0 blog will be updated, offering visitors the chance to interact with Tosh and the show. And you can follow Tosh (or the minion who actually posts on his behalf) on Twitter.