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Cold War Kids Make a Stop in Boise on the Way to the Big Time

Sunday, March 6 at Knitting Factory


A lot has escalated for the Cold War Kids since 2004, when they first started jamming out in a storage room above a restaurant in Fullerton, Calif. According to the soul-and-blues-tinged indie band's Facebook page, during those carefree early days: "Having instruments was secondary to stomping and chanting; clanging on heat pipes, thumping on plywood walls. Hollering into tape recorders. Slipping and swaying into alleyways and juke joints of yesteryear."

Now, after years of blog praise and tours with indie heavyweights like Death Cab For Cutie, Cold War Kids have released their third full-length album Mine is Yours. The band underwent a perestroika, of sorts, in the studio, bidding farewell to first- and second-album producer Kevin Augunas and replacing him with big-shot producer Jacquire King, who has worked with Kings of Leon and Norah Jones, among others.

Pitchfork dished out some particularly snarling criticism regarding this move: "Cold War Kids are clearly making a bid for ... mainstream acceptance here, infusing their wishy-washy, blue-lit sound with a schmaltzy bigness that matches the heft of the religious and romantic in their music," but it obviously worked. Mine is Yours peaked at No. 7 on Billboard's Rock Albums chart and has propelled the band out on a spring tour that winds from London to Sasquatch in George, Wash., with stops at Lollapalooza in Santiago, Chile, and at the Knitting Factory in Boise on Sunday, March 6.