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Cold Duds

backward hats & low-riders

No other Idaho locale made it in the top 1,000


Furry boots

low-carb craze

Sexual harrassment lawsuit against Bill O'Reilley settled out of court

waiters & waitresses

Anna Nicole Smith, Olsen twins, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton,

Buffy the vampire slayer

Survivor, Joey, The Swan, Lost, The Simpsons, FOX News

Leonardo, leno, dennis miller

greek Epics


Target stores, for their Scroogely decision to bar Salvation Army bell ringers from their retail outlets.

Wal-mart stores, for such a miserly wage scale their employees are one missed paycheck away from needing the Salvation Army.

The U.S. job market

Social Security

curse of the goat

Martha Stewart's eye for stock tips

The school your kid goes to

Famous actors who pretend to be leaders


Le Bois race park

Citizens' committees that don't pick the Chief other people think they should pick.

the media circus in Julia Davis Park

Freelance Pharisee Dennis Mansfield

Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez

The Ford Excursion

clay aiken's merry christmas with love and a clay aiken christmas.

President George W. Bush, who seems to know very little about anything.