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Orange Crème Fanta


A debate is currently raging among the Boise Weekly editorial ranks as to the correct pronunciation of the global super-soda Fanta. My personal-and authoritative-stance is that it's delivered with a long, soft "a," like "Fahnta"-or, in the case of a particularly refreshing batch, "Faaaahnta." My co-workers, in particular music mama Amy Atkins and artsy-fartsy editor Sara Beitia, prefer a hard "a" "Fanta," delivered in a kind of faux-Brooklyn accent with one's upper lip arched as if one smells some particularly ripe B.O.

I say they sound somewhere between Daffy Duck and Rosy Perez; they say I sound like Mr. Belvedere, or at least Jeeves. In either case, we all agree that the newly available Fanta flavor of Orange Creme is simply fahbulous. Despite its limited availability-we've only been able to find it at the 7-11 at Broadway Avenue and Main Street-this heavenly nectar is well worth the drive, especially when one is able to utilize 7-11's innovative extra vanilla flavor-squirting machine. We're still amazed by the technology-doubtless ex-NASA-but be warned: In the matter of a single dollar, it turned the office's non-pop-drinkers into carbonation-philes of Canyon County proportions, and the erstwhile pop fans into raving super-fans.

And for the record, don't bother calling the Coca Cola company for a definitive pronunciation guide; we tried it and discovered they labor under the same debate daily. Crahp.