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Cocktail Parties and classy Skateboards

The Week in Review


Boise Weekly staffers and SmartCard smartypants kicked off the weekend mid-week with a raucous retro party at Idaho Botanical Garden Dec. 5. Decked in our finest furs and fedoras, we downed Hendricks martinis and popped bacon-wrapped jalapenos from Salt Tears late into the evening. You can check out a slideshow of all the smart partying at

Later that night, while some sauced staffers swung to the bluesy beat of Hopeless Jack and the Handsome Devil at The Crux, Harrison Berry hit up Red Room to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition.

"The crowd, much of which was in its best Gatsby-wear in honor of the drinker's holiday, shuffled, spun and Charleston-ed to the sultry tunes of Frim Fram 4," observed Berry. "The band was pure swing--upright bass-driven beats hoisted up the piano and electric guitar licks. The effect was a sound as crackly as an old 78 RPM record and an atmosphere as smooth as whiskey."

The following evening, Dec. 6, downtown kept up the celebratory spirit during December's First Thursday. Patrons filed into Mulligans for Art Deck-O to leer at 30 bright skateboard decks from artists like Erin Cunningham, Noble Hardesty and Rick Walter. Across the street at The Crux, eyes were trained on the front of the shop where a rotating cast of classical musicians were tearing through selections from Mozart, Vaclav Nelhybel and Super Mario Brothers during the debut of Classical Revolution: Boise.

On the other side of downtown at Sixth and Myrtle streets, Ming Studios--which includes Bricolage, Classic Design Studio, Boise Art Glass, Rocket Neon, and Fawn and Foal--kept the party going First Thursday. Families stayed warm around an outdoor fire pit, while other block partiers watched the torches flare up at Boise Art Glass and neon signs flicker on at Rocket Neon.

The holiday cheer continued Dec. 7 at Knitting Factory during A John Waters Christmas. The cult-movie director--famous for films like Pink Flamingos and Hair Spray--delivered a twisted monologue on his love for the holiday.

"I love Christmas so fucking much I could shit," he said.

According to BW's Josh Gross, much of Waters' performance was musing.

"If someone gives you a book, you should reward them sexually," Waters said. "It's just good manners."

"The only reason to ever do crack is to go Christmas caroling and scare people," he opined.

Also on Dec. 7, Berry stopped by Enso Artspace in Garden City to check out the collective's new group exhibition, Tiny Wonderful.

"From the profundity of the contrast between Enso's suburban exterior and rich interior, to the breadth of the art on display, the experience of the Tiny Wonderful exhibition draws its force from tensions and petit deceptions," explained Berry.