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Clumsy Lovers, The Bouquet, February 18


On Saturday night, The Clumsy Lovers took the stage at the Bouquet for the second night in a row. The show was scheduled to start at 9 p.m. and was almost sold out by 8:30.

This band from Vancouver, British Columbia, is a definite crowd pleaser. They are a bluegrass band, complete with guitar, bass, fiddle, banjo and mandolin. Their unique style combines bluegrass sound with everything from rock to reggae. The Clumsy Lovers are a zealous, happy and energetic band who engages the audience, who in turn dances, stomps and claps along to every song especially when Andrea Lewis is sawing her fiddle with unbelievable speed. And, she sports a wide, sincere smile the whole time.

When you see this band, you get your money's worth. They had three sets and played until nearly 1:30 a.m. During the second set, the band played a long string of cover songs including some by the The Ramones, Bruce Stringsteen, The Violent Femmes and Van Morrison. The crowd got a little crazy. There were bouts of slam dancing and crowd surfing and at one point, Andrea Lewis urged the audience to be careful, pointing out that, "some people are getting beat in the head." When the music returned to traditional Clumsy Lovers style, the crowd calmed down a bit and focused on clapping and stomping once again, rather than forming a mosh pit.

After the second set, I saw a guy shake his head as he headed out the door to leave and say, "They just don't have the same 'umph' that they used to." He seemed disappointed in the show.

I disagreed. The show was great. I thoroughly enjoyed the Clumsy Lovers and can't wait to see them again.