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I remember the first time I saw the preview for this film maybe six months ago. I was with some friends and the way the teaser played, it left us very curious as to the film's content. Let me leave you with less suspense: this flick's essentially a direct cross between the Blair Witch Project's home-movie camera style and Godzilla's attack of the big city. Surprisingly, knowing what's in store doesn't deter from the experience, which from start to finish, feels a whole lot like a ride at Universal Studios theme park or like playing a high-tech video game.

When a catastrophe—one that turns out to be an attack by some giant beast—hits New York City, the going away party for Japan-bound 20-something Rob Hawkins is ruined. Mid-evacuation, he and three others navigate the newly-turned war zone to find Rob's love interest trapped on the other side of town.

Most of the actors in the film are relative unknowns, but the big name attached to the project is producer J.J. Abrams, best known for creating hit TV series Alias and Lost. Director Matt Reeves wrote, directed and produced many episodes of TV's Felicity, while Cloverfield writer Drew Goddard has penned and produced episodes of Lost and Alias, among other shows.

A friend cautioned me that "suspension of disbelief" was a key to enjoying this picture, and I'd say he's right on. If you prepare yourself for a 90-minute thrill ride and all the jostling camerawork to go with it, you've got yourself a fun, ultra-contemporary monster movie.

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