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Clarke and the Himselfs Album Release In-Store

Dec. 27, Record Exchange


Clarke Aleksandr Howell could turn out to be one of Boise's greatest musical exports. Howell has been making ragged, bedroom rock 'n' roll since his early teens and currently plays under the moniker Clarke and The Himselfs (a name that doesn't roll off the tongue). Though Howell has a myriad of releases under his belt, his latest sonic KO of a record--The Well Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs--is also officially his debut LP. The album has been digitally available since October, but the vinyl version hit shelves this month and not a moment too soon, because it deserves to be crowned Boise's Album of the Year.

Take advantage of the opportunity to see Clarke and The Himselfs, with full band accompaniment, on Sunday, Dec. 27 at Record Exchange. This may be the last opportunity for you to say you heard Clarke's fuzzed out sonic masterpieces before he blows up nationally.