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City's Stocking Stuffed


Hey, we've got a surplus, too. Never mind the millions held over by Idaho State government, the City of Boise is in the chips by $9.6 million dollars in one-time, unallocated funds that Mayor Dave Bieter hopes to re-invest.

"It only seems appropriate that the dividends of a healthy economy be returned to the citizens who created them," Bieter said in a release. On his hit list: more neighborhood libraries, the community detox center, a new police headquarters, and new parks.

The rest of the end-of-year balance was the result of internal savings, city staff said. They'll also aim at housekeeping projects, such as replacing City Hall's troublesome phone system and consolidating computer servers.

And yes, among those ideas is a white water park on the Boise River, something kayak freaks have been pining for. The City Council will consider these recommendations at its Dec. 19 meeting.