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City Revises Child Care Rating Website, Some Providers Moved From 'Poor' to 'Not Yet Rated'


  • George Prentice

After receiving feedback from some Boise child care facilities, the city of Boise announced Thursday morning it was updating its just-released day care website that ranks local providers "to better reflect the businesses' level of participation in the voluntary program."

As part of Boise's Healthy Child Care Initiative, the website provides information to parents on how the city's licensed child care providers stack up when it comes to training, food preparation and adult-to-child ratios. However, when the website went live earlier this week, some day cares received a "poor" rating when, in fact, they had not provided full information about their operations. City officials  now say those facilities will be labeled "not yet rated."

Boise City Councilman TJ Thomson spearheaded the initiative more than a year ago, advocating for a new clearinghouse of information on the city's child care facilities. He was quick to add that no one would be losing their child care license if they received a poor rating.

"The market will drive this," Thomson said, adding parents will make their own decisions on who to turn to for the children's care.

This week, Thomson said, "We remain committed to the premise that parents should be aware of the level of care their children will receive in the city's day cares, as it relates to health."

City officials also reiterated that providers listed on the new web site are licensed providers and "meet fundamental requirements such as safety and background checks for employees, and undergo regular inspections by the city."