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City Mag on MilkyWay - Asiago's Cole Closing


Fourth Best Rocks

In City magazine's latest edition, issue 49, the editors compiled a list of their top 101 favorite restaurants in the country, and not only did one of Boise's most popular restaurants make the cut, but it placed way up at the tip-top of the list at No. 4. According to City's managing editor Alex Garinger, the list is a compilation not of the fanciest or most expensive restaurants in the nation, but of those most beloved by people, and where diners are guaranteed a great experience. We put that theory to a brief memory test, counted up the number of Best of Boise and Martini Mix-off awards that this popular Boise eatery has chalked up over the years, and the evidence is conclusive that the winning restaurant isn't a well-kept secret. In fact, this writer will wager a plate of roasted jalapeno shrimp bites and a Ten-Minute martini that this blurb can easily be written without divulging the restaurant's name and every foodie in town will still know exactly where to get that chocolate bread pudding City lauds.

But since that's not very good journalism, we'll direct you to The MilkyWay, home of eclectic comfort food, creator of the Sassy Sally, and emperor over all desserts with that chocolate-infused bread pudding that's so rich it makes my cheeks sweat just thinking about it.

Chef owners Mitchell and Andrea Maricich opened The MilkyWay in 2001, and although the restaurant has had a few highlights in national magazines, Andrea says none have been quite the honor that City's is.

"Everybody has a little pep in their step today," Andrea said when the issue hit stands last week. "We're super-excited. The staff is walking around saying, 'I'm the fourth best sous chef,' and 'I'm the fourth-best hostess.'"

The MilkyWay, 205 N. 10th St. Ste 101, 208-343-4334,

Arrivederci, Asiago's Ristorante

It's becoming a familiar story to hear that another of the valley's most popular restaurants will be pulling up roots due to lease negotiation disagreements. After 10 years in its current Bench location in the Cole Village shopping center, Asiago's Ristorante is citing failure to reach a workable agreement with its building's management as the reason for not renewing its lease. The Italian restaurant will close at the end of July to concentrate its business efforts in its downtown location, which is undergoing a second phase of expansion and remodeling to be completed in August.

Asiago's Ristorante, 3423 N. Cole Rd., 208-323-1469; Asiago's Downtown, 1002 W. Main St., 208-336-5552;

Adventures in Restaurant Finding

It took a family gathering to shoehorn Boise Weekly Arts and Entertainment Editor Amy Atkins out of Boise and into an adventure on Overland Road in Meridian. And one she thought would be a simple obligatory drive out to the hinterlands proved to be a surprise Food News expedition when she discovered four restaurants neither she nor her comrade in restaurant news arms—yours truly—had ever heard of: Ocean City Restaurant, Dickey's BBQ, Rudy's Bar and Grill, and Moshi Moshi. Further research results forthcoming.

We've committed to be more vigilant in news near the edge of Boise's ever expanding borders, but as always, if we've missed your favorite joint, drop us a line: