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Cider Sipper: Cedar Draw Cider

A sampling of what Cedar Draw has to offer


  • Boise Weekly

A nurse at St. Luke's in Twin Falls, Emily Mason was looking for a creative outlet beyond her work. Living in a farmhouse once surrounded by a 200-acre plum orchard—a few acres still survive—she turned to cider. Like most American ciders, Cedar Draw relies on table apples, but they are from old-growth orchards, and Mason ferments them bone-dry. Embracing the future, she has also planted a stand of hard cider apples. Currently, you'll find Cedar Draw on tap at Meriwether Cider House and by the bottle at the Boise Co-op.

Sour Empress, $8.49

There's a rush of fizz on the first pour, with a ruby-tinged froth topping this dark, cherry-colored plum cider. It's appropriately named, as you get a mouth-puckering hit of sour plum up front. Touches of earthy tannin come through on the finish.

Spice Queen, $7.99

On the nose, there's just a hint of the cardamom that's been added to the mix of apples. It looks something like fresh-squeezed lemon juice, with that spice coloring the tart, fruity flavors. If you like your cider with a prickly flow of bubbles, look elsewhere. This is more akin to a Basque-style cider, and like those, would go great with food. Indian cuisine is a no-brainer.

War Worthy, $7.99

A lightly hazy, straw-colored pour, again with little to no carbonation, its lack of fizz makes for a very easy-drinking, delightfully refreshing cider. Quince joins the blend of apple varieties in this supple brew. Light, lovely apple flavors lead off, with crisp acidity coming through on the finish. It's just too easy to drink.