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Christopher Titus Returns to Boise Tonight, Still Unafraid, Unapologetic and Funnier Than Ever


  • Courtesy Christopher Titus

By the time Christopher Titus arrives in Boise, he will have put hundreds of hours into his new film. Though many know him as an actor and stand-up comic, Titus is now also a filmmaker. He’s currently in the throes of editing, Special Unit: The Movie, a comedy about a group of undercover detectives hired by the LAPD. Titus plays the “cop/criminal who has to train them or he loses everything—his job, his girl, and maybe his life.” Titus also wrote, directed, stars in and will self-release the film. He even secured the financing—all while working on new material for his current stand-up show, Born With a Defect, a “90-minute rant on why not to have kids,” which he’ll bring to a Boise audience tonight at the Knitting Factory.

Titus said he models his work ethic after those of his idols, including The Boss’.

“I don’t stop,” Titus said. “I’m a huge fan of [Bruce] Springsteen. He never stops, and I just took that on … I was at a club talking to one of the waitstaff, who’s also a comic. I asked him how many guys are doing new material. He just looked at me and said, ‘Nobody.’”

Rehashing old stuff isn’t an option for Titus. He gets bored if he’s not working on new material, saying “bored” in the same disgusted tone FOX news anchors use when they talk about “Obamacare.” Plus, more than giving fans a fresh show, writing—especially about himself—is a way for Titus to work through issues, something he recommended to his wife and opening act, Rachel Bradley, after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. He told her to write about her life.

“For a long time, I was a crappy comedian,” Titus said. “I was just writing basic stuff, like about commercials. I gave that up and started writing what I really, really wanted to say. That’s when everything changed.”

Obviously, it seems, for the better

“Life is going very well,” Titus said.