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Christopher Lawrence, Dec. 18, Crowbar

With resident DJ Stormshadow


Christmas music is a divisive tool. You're bubbling over with holiday spirit and filled with good will toward men when, suddenly, "Santa Baby" or "Winter Wonderland" blurts out of your officemate's tinny computer speakers, and the feeling of anticipatory festiveness you had is replaced by wishing it were Dec. 26.

Get those high spirits back and burn off any lingering blahs with legendary trance master DJ Christopher Lawrence. credits Lawrence with staying on the "genre's frontlines, relentlessly pioneering its darker, more serious side that drew so many to it at its inception."

With his radio show Rush Hour and his label, Pharmacy Music, he keeps not only his fans musically well-fed, but sets out a smorgasbord of other EDM purveyors. This is a rare opportunity, so leave the jingle bells behind and give yourself the gift of seeing DJ Christopher Lawrence live.