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Christmas Lights Take Flight

Continuing through Jan. 1, 2013


When you think about it, Santa Claus has all the perks. The guy only has to work one night per year dropping off presents in exchange for cookies while zipping around the sky in a big red sleigh drawn by a herd of reindeer led by a red-nosed caribou named Rudolph.

Santa just gets to kick back and relax as his team of elves make all the presents, and again as he blasts through the sky Christmas Eve, his way illuminated by the thousands of Christmas lights hanging below. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to look at everything from ground level like a bunch of peasants. Not that we're jealous or anything.

Luckily, there is a solution for anyone who may be suffering from Santa Claus envy this season. Through Tuesday, Jan. 1, Silverhawk Aviation is offering helicopter Christmas light tours. Get a bird's-eye view of the glowing city as you fly over downtown Boise, Idaho Botanical Garden and the more festive neighborhoods of the Boise Foothills.

When else will you have the chance to travel via helicopter? Unless you plan on befriending a mega rap star or faking an injury for the sake of being Life Flighted, we doubt another chance will arise for you anytime soon.

Just promise to remember all of us little people down below as you're flying high with Dancer and Prancer and the rest of the gang. Hey Santa Claus, who's jealous now?