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Christmas Kids' Bike Giveaway


It seems like every warm and gooey holiday commercial features some version of the following scenario: a kid clomps downstairs to find a brand-new bicycle glistening under the tree with a bow stuck to the handlebars. But that's only on television.

Many parents in the Treasure Valley can't afford to give their kids that oh-so-classic holiday moment. And for the last four years, Boise Bicycle Project has done something about it. In the months leading up to BBP's annual Christmas Kids' Bike Giveaway, an army of BBP volunteers spend hours repairing bikes, screwing on training wheels and attaching streamers to donated kids' bicycles. Last year alone, BBP gave away 150 bicycles, and this year they plan to give away even more on Saturday, Dec. 18, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

BBP is also searching for volunteers to work the giveaway--teaching bicycle safety, fitting helmets and snacking on cookies and candy galore. Two optional volunteer-training courses are offered, one on Wednesday, Dec. 15, from 6-8 p.m. and another on Saturday, Dec. 18, at 8 a.m. BBP is also looking for a few baking whizzes—"cookie mom-sters"—to whip up some holiday treats for the youngsters and volunteers to snack on. They're also seeking training wheel donations.