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Chow Down: Food Truck Rally

Friday, Aug. 16


The big dilemma with take-out is that there is so much choice. Maybe tonight's the night to chow on some Chinese. Or perhaps a pizza. Tacos take your fancy? What about a burger? It's just too hard to decide. If they all sound good, then Friday, Aug. 16, is the perfect night for a round-the-world tour at the 36th Street Garden Plaza, where Boise's monthly Food Truck Rally sets up shop.

Seven of Boise's top food trucks will circle their wagons with a range of cuisine to satisfy even the fussiest eaters. Ever wonder what a Reuben sandwich would taste like in an egg roll? Voluptuous Vittles will be on hand to answer with its eclectic menu. For something more traditional, queue up at the solar-powered Po' Bois truck for some classic Louisiana-style eats--Idaho meats with a N'awlins touch.

Fans of authentic Asian food can grab a tray of stir-fry from Riceworks, while Italian lovers can check out Free Range Pizza's mobile wood-fired oven. Bringing it back to the U.S. of A., Saint Lawrence Gridiron's "gastrotruck" has but one goal: a rotating Southern-inspired menu that goes well with bourbon and beer. Finally, Calle 75 Street Tacos will fuse Idaho and Mexico into one glorious shell (corn or flour). How about a brisket taco braised in local craft beer?

And speaking of local craft beer, make sure you have your ID for some suds courtesy of Payette Brewing Company.