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Chimaira to Melt Faces off in Boise

Friday, Dec. 9 at Knitting Factory


It's been a tumultuous year for Cleveland heavy metal band Chimaira. Bassisturned-father Jim LaMarca retired in 2010, followed by keyboardist Chris Spicuzza and drummer Andols Herrick in 2011. Amid the reorganization, Chimaira managed to record and release a remarkably polished album, The Age of Hell.

Austin D'Amond's inhuman drum pace on "Year of the Snake" pairs with ethereal guitar set to reverb, with Mark Hunter's guttural scream piercing through the track: "I've seen the devil and I've kissed the mouth of sin / Bloodshot eyes and senses heightened I am seeking to get in."

Half of the band may be new, but Chimaira's Hell for the Holidays metal fest promises to be one helluva night.

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