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Chill Factor Frozen Yogurt Maker


Now, this is something we were anxious to get our hands on. It’s called the Chill Factor Frozen Yogurt Maker and, while the concept is rather basic, the ingenuity is impressive.

The simple construction includes a silicone cup with water-filled walls. Pop the cup into the freezer for a few hours and, when it’s ready, pour in some yogurt or cream. Top it off with fruit, granola, crumbled cookies, chocolate chips, honey or whatever flavoring you like and start squeezing. Before you know it, you’ll have soft-serve froyo and, in a couple of minutes, you’ll have a treat with the consistency of ice-cream. It’s pretty healthy and it’s definitely delicious. While the kids will enjoy making their own frozen dessert, we’re pretty sure the adults will love it, too. You squeeze, I squeeze, we all squeeze for ice cream (and fray).