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Chicago 1, Boise 0: Local Artist Picking Up and Leaving Town


Well-known local artist Noble Hardesty will soon no longer be labeled "local artist" anymore. That will become Chicago's claim in just a few short weeks.

After Labor Day (early September), Hardesty will leave Boise for the greener pastures of Chi-Town, where he will continue to paint and pursue a career in the visual arts. Of leaving Boise, Hardesty told BW (for whom he has done several covers), "I owe this community thanks for all the support and for holding my hand and making going about becoming a professional artist easier."

Hardesty's not quite gone yet, though. Basement Gallery's September/October exhibit will feature Hardesty's all new series of "clever and whimsical" paintings on saw blades.

If you want to say you knew Hardesty's work way back when, check out the exhibit, beginning in September, at Basement Gallery, 928 Main St. (Idaha Hotel building), 333-0309, open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.