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Chelle Rae is N'Sync's Edgy Brother

Tuesday, July 10, at Knitting Factory


When you've missed your ride home, lost your iPhone and the girl you like thinks you're gay, take solace in knowing that pop-rock foursome Hot Chelle Rae knows exactly how you feel.

Sporting wifebeaters and sleeve tattoos, Nashville, Tenn.-based Hot Chelle Rae is leading the boy band revival like 'N Sync's edgy older brother. The band's breakout single "Tonight, Tonight" crashed onto the Billboard Top 100 this summer with pop-culture-referencing lyrics and a "la, la, la" refrain that, once heard, will never be purged from your head.

Mixing upbeat piano and guitar riffs with positive lyrics, Hot Chelle Rae tops it all off with a little hip-hop swagger, challenging you not to dance your pants off.

For the epitome of summer party music, don't miss Hot Chelle Rae at the Knitting Factory on Tuesday, July 10.