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Cheerleaders Sports Bar & Grill


Because there are mini-LCD screens tucked into every booth? Because there is gorgeous hardwood furniture all over the place? Because you can take a break from a traditional bar activity (staring down the opposite sex) and ogle a gorgeous classic automobile parked off the foyer instead? No, we aren't playing Jeopardy here, but if the answer were, "Good reasons to take a trip to Eagle for grub," then any of the aforementioned questions would be glowingly appropriate.

I meandered into the sizeable brick building on a weekday circa 2 p.m. Sorry fellas, the server girls don't run aplenty at this hour—and when they do, their dress is cheerleaderly, sure, but "conservative," I was assured by manager Michael Mann (coincidentally not the same Mann who directed the most-certain-to-be-overtly-sexual Miami Vice rehash being released later this year).

Mann recommended four dishes: the chicken club wrap, handmade fish and chips, the chicken shrimp alfredo and the ever-popular baby back ribs, which are available with house raspberry or plain barbecue sauce. I opted for the finger steaks. To garner repeated patronage from me, a bar needs to nail the basics. A word (or two) on the fries here: they're thin and crispy. My dining companion opted for the unique-to-Cheerleaders, listed-on-the-appetizer-menu-but-easily-transferrable-to-entree-status belly busters—five miniature burgers topped with cheddar and grilled red onions on cute, itty-bitty rolls; Harold and Kumar would have been in heaven.

A glance at my finger food had me confused; the steaks were so much larger than anywhere else I've been. Then a bite into them had me reeling: They tasted like steak! As we happily devoured our selections, we watched Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser debate on a ginormous 11-foot screen taking up the bulk of a wall in the main dining room. Then we fiddled with the 10-inch LCD on our table, witnessing a poker player win with a pair of pocket aces. As any good establishment with "sports bar" in its name, the place abounds with TVs: three 42-inch high-defs around the bar, six 32-inchers flanking the 11-footer, a couple on the gorgeous patios and a theater system in the banquet room, which is perfect for those left out of Bronco Stadium or for the geographically-challenged Nebraska fans of the valley. Note: they subscribe to all the professional sports satellite packages, so pick a season and you'll probably see your sport on one of their screens.

Cheerleaders now serves breakfast as well, a small wonder since the bar is owned by the same folks who brought you Sunrise Family Restaurants. Whatever hour you visit, be sure and ask for extra napkins. Between the tasty treats, the Jumbotron and the '68 Shelby garaged out front, there'll be ample drool to keep you company.

—Travis Estvold made a million dollars but squandered it on scratch tickets.

Cheerleaders Sports Bar & Grill, 287 E. Shore Dr., Eagle; Mon.-Thu.: 7 a.m.-11 p.m., Fri.: 7 a.m.-12 a.m., Sat.: 8 a.m.-12 a.m., Sun.: 8 a.m.-11 p.m.