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Check Out Our New Beer Magazine


We covered a lot of ground in this edition of Boise Weekly. First, open to the center of the paper and you'll find a brand-new magazine we're launching this week devoted to the ambrosia of the fields: beer.

In our inaugural Brew Times publication, we aim to provide insight into the local brewing industry, explore beer trends, offer profiles of the folks who make the beer scene thrive and otherwise celebrate the sudsy tipple, which has enjoyed a much-deserved (and fortunate) renaissance both here and across the nation.

We hope you crack a cold one, cool your heels, and enjoy a fine craft brew along with our newest offering.

Elsewhere in the paper, BW freelancer Sami Edge delves into the issue of low voter turnout among Idaho Latinos. That might change this year, with a particularly heated presidential race that has included outrageous comments from the GOP nominee about immigration in general and Latinos in particular. Still, members of the large and growing population of Idaho Latinos struggle to find candidates at the state and local levels who will address their issues, much less represent them. Learn more about what's being done to energize the voting base on Page 6.

On Page 7, BW Staff Writer Harrison Berry outlines the longstanding feud between a Canyon County Highway District commissioner and his neighbors, who contend he has been illegally trashing his property for decades. On Page 18, Berry also profiles a provocative art exhibit coming to Ming Studios that explores humans' impact on forests by bringing the Pioneer fire into the gallery—literally.

We also spoke with the organizers of the Idaho Horror Film Festival on Page 19, visited a Korean restaurant inside a gym in Eagle on Page 20 and talked immigration with a local lawyer on Page 24.

Finally, in a nod to future events, save the date for Wednesday, Oct. 19, when BW will host its 15th annual Cover Art Auction at Jack's Urban Meeting Place. Get more details at boiseweekly.com or in next week's paper.