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Chastity Belt

June 28, Neurolux


The four 20-somethings that make up Seattle rock band Chastity Belt have a flair for meaninglessness. Rather than follow in the footsteps of many a millennial trying to thwart an existential crisis (i.e. taking long road trips, getting tattoos or adopting cats), CB decided to make an album. The band's second full-length release, Time To Go Home (Hardly Art, 2015), encompasses the feeling of getting drunk because there's nothing better to do.

Combining the raw glory of garage-punk sounds with the strong, clear voice of Julia Shapiro, Time To Go Home invokes rowdy house shows while remaining a highly listenable album. Despite the sentiment of tracks like "IDC (I Don't Care)," Shapiro and her bandmates clearly do: Elements like varied tempos and intricate guitar parts feel well thought out without sacrificing energy. On the closing title track, Shapiro nails the theme when she sings, "Everything is beautiful/ Because we're delusional/ I think I figured it out."

If you're struggling under the weight of indifference (or a hangover) postpone finding yourself and go see Chastity Belt instead.