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Charm School Selects Local Artist For Crowdfunded Grant

Wednesday, June 12


The idea for the first The Charm School Feast in March was simple: get a bunch of people to show up at the Visual Arts Collective and pay $20 for dinner. After a series of presentations by local artists, the guests would each vote for their favorite. That artist would then walk away with a bunch of cash for his or her project.

The song remains the same for Feast II: A Crowdfunded Microgrant Dinner in Boise, which takes place Wednesday, June 12, at 6 p.m. For $20, attendees score a meal catered by The Basque Market while having the chance to support a local artist. Feast I winner Sam Johnson will update the crowd on the progress he has made on his life-size glowing dinosaur puppet, King Dazbog, and the competition for the next winner will begin.

This time, the 10 presenters include author Douglas Bolles, bookmaker and visual artist Erin Mallea and photographer Whitney Rearick. Beer, wine and cocktails will be available and the winning presenter walks away with the pot of contributions. This time around, the folks at The Charm School are hoping to top the $1,000 raised by Feast I.

Crowdfunding is a way for Boiseans to make their voices heard in their hometown arts scene by using the combined powers of democracy and money. That syncs nicely with The Charm School's mission statement--to actualize creative projects and create a space where ideas are meaningfully exchanged. In March, Boise funded a 25-foot-tall sauropod. Who knows where Boiseans will put their money this time?