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southern lamentation

Charlie Mars

Even though he isn't green and doesn't have antennae, my favorite Martian is Charlie Mars. He makes up for not engaging in a UFO journey by engaging in a journey from Oxford, Mississippi--which is just as wacky. This young, Southern singer/songwriter has a knack for telling old-time tales with a drawn out drawl that makes the lamenting all the lamentier. Though he hits the conventional love songs too, Mars' take on more interesting topics sets him apart from the other John Mayer-like drivel.

Wednesday, November 24, 7:30 p.m., $10, Big Easy Bourbon Street Stage.

saxy jazz

Curtis Stigers

Local yokel Curtis Stigers spent some time wandering the globe recently as an international pop star. But, oh, we know how tiresome a life that can be. Now Stigers is back in Boise as a singer/songwriter/saxophonist jazz artist, the way it used to be before the pop world captured him. Early in his career (a.k.a high school), Stigers sat in with jazz piano legend Gene Harris and began his deep regard for jazz. Through the lope of pop stardom (the Dawson's Creek soundtrack includes a Stigers song!), and album sales in the millions, Stigers never let go of his jazz roots.

Saturday, November 27, 8 p.m., $19, Nampa Civic Center.

popular hard rock


You know them: The old guy singer with the bleached, surfer hair. That old dude is Art Alexakis, and he fronts a little band called Everclear--possibly named for an ingredient in my favorite drunk fire-breathing exercise. Over the last decade, Everclear has enjoyed fame and acclaim, earning Grammy Award nominations and serious worldwide sales. Though actually based in Portland, Oregon, the band hit it big in 1995 with Sparkle and Fade that brought us the hit "Santa Monica." We've since seen more discs and more hits--all now collected on their very recent album, Ten Years Gone--The Best of Everclear, 1994--2004. Three cheers for Everclear, because at the show, each attendee will head home with a special (read: free!) 10th anniversary souvenir: Closure, an album of unreleased live and acoustic tracks. Touring with Everclear is spokesperson for the American Lung Association, Michael Tolcher, who also happens to be a singer/songwriter stirring the kids these days with his number "Sooner or Later," which is the theme for the ABC teen drama, life as we know it.

Saturday, November 27, 8 p.m., $25, Big Easy Concert House.

smart pop


With themes of love, loss and hope in their musical creations, Atlanta-based Copeland really take pride in their art. The young quartet enjoys music so much that they recently toured for 15 months straight to promote their 2002 full-length debut Beneath Medicine Tree, a smart pop-style opus of emotional melodies and insightful lyrics. They have a new batch of songs and their energy is recharged to maximum capacity so they are hitting the road again to win more fans and make more friends.

Sunday, November 28, 8 p.m., $10, Big Easy Bourbon Street Stage.

let's get furious

RadioTakeover Tour

Hey kids, it's time for the hard stuff. Time for the RadioTakeover Tour! RadioTakeover, an online musical haven for championing uncensored and independent artists--mostly hardcore and punk, mind you--has crafted a bill so furious only special places get this show. Yay us! The Philadelphia-based quintet MeWithoutYou has been shaking the walls together for years with their energetic, destructive and creative sound. And they are headlining the show that also features Owen, The Snake The Cross The Crown, and Despistado.

Saturday, November 27, 7 p.m., $8, The Venue.


The Snow Patrol

The Snow Patrol concert scheduled for Wednesday, December 8 at Big Easy has been canceled due to "a medical issue involving the lead singer."

Tickets bought online or via telephone will automatically be refunded. Call 466-TIXX for more information. :