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Chapter Two: The Early Bird Gets the Silverado


Chase-ee No. 2 got up very early to pick out his ride, a 2003 Chevy Silverado pickup whose owner had left it idling in front of a home on Wednesday, December 6. After laying low for a few hours--or maybe going home to watch Sesame Street--the thief or someone like him was spotted by an officer on 12th Avenue South in Nampa at around 9:30 a.m. The officer attempted to stop the pickup, but the driver accelerated so abruptly that the officer chose not to endanger the traffic-going public by pursuing. The truck continued south on 12th Avenue at what police estimate was in excess of 80 mph (witnesses told police it was more like 100--but, eh, witnesses). The driver stopped on Dooley Lane, abandoned ship and ran down Sunrise Rim Road with an officer in hot pursuit. The suspect, a juvenile whose name has not been released, was finally grabbed on a ditch bank near the highway. He was charged with grand theft, eluding police, obstructing and delaying officers and not purchasing a drivers license.