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Chapter Three: Please Chase That Guy Now!


Our third subject was so ripe for police attention, other motorists were honking at officers to direct their attention to him. He could have been easy to miss, careening across lanes on westbound Fairview Avenue with his headlights off at 1 a.m, but once the fuzz was on his tail, the suspect made sure to make his presence known.

After being pointed in the right direction, officers initially attempted to pull over the offending vehicle by simply flashing their lights. 'Twas not to be; the suspect ignored them and swerved into oncoming traffic on Cole. Near the intersection of Cole and Westwood, he finally came to rest against the front end of another vehicle. The victim in the accident was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Upon arriving at the accident scene, the first reporting officer parked about 50 feet back--a prudent buffer for an unpredictable suspect. But this suspect hadn't ended his drunken tantrum just yet. He kicked his white sedan into "R," backed up and rammed the police cruiser, knocking it back a few feet and spinning the suspect vehicle to rest against a curb.

Police arrested the driver, Eric Orlando Garza, 25, of Boise on charges of DUI, leaving the scene of an accident and aggravated assault.