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Chapter One: What Spikes?


Three memorable police chases kept motorists on edge last week, showing that there is no off-season in the sport of trying not to get caught.

In the first incident, Payette police attempted to stop Clifford McCaulou, 20, of New Plymouth early Sunday morning for erratic driving along Highway 95 between Payette and Fruitland. However, according to a story in the Argus Observer, McCaulou peeled away as the officer approached the car, launching a pursuit wherein the suspect was clocked driving 95 mph. Officers set up a steel spike strip in downtown Fruitland, shredding the tires of the white Honda Accord, despite the driver's attempt to steer around the spikes. After puttering about another mile on flats, McCaulou reportedly piloted his ride into a field and attempted to escape on foot. After approximately a quarter-mile sprint, he was apprehended and arrested on charges of alluding police, possession of marijuana and paraphernalia and driving without privileges. Officers are also investigating the possibility that the car McCaulou was driving may have been stolen.