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Channel Your Inner Child at the Discovery Center

Wednesday, Nov. 16


Drinking is fun, but it's science, too. Alcohol is the generic name for a bunch of organic chemical compounds. The kinds we're used to imbibing are know as ethyl alcohols. These thirst-quenching compounds contain a hydrophilic hydrocarbon, which is why they can be absorbed into our blood streams. So as you tip that bottle back and fill your gut, alcohol permeates your blood and soon passes through the blood brain barrier, which leads to all those zany effects like uninhibited dancing, people appearing more attractive and, of course, head spinning.

So what could possibly make the effects of alcohol even more fun? How about capturing the shadow of your uninhibited dancing in the Discovery Center of Idaho's shadow box or learning about gyrations to better understand that spinning in your head. On Wednesday, Nov. 16, the Discovery Center will open its doors for Adult Night, where you will be able to explore all the exhibits while sipping on some choice beverages—event admission earns you a free drink token. You can let that inner kid out to create giant bubbles, play with all the colors in the spectrum and get lost in the looking glass, all while a little buzzed.