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Changes At the Woman of Steel Gallery


Those familiar with the Woman of Steel Gallery (on Chinden, in front of Cycle Nuts and Bolts) know that patrons of the arts can stop in, have a glass of wine, and gaze at artist and proprietress Irene Deely's metal machinations, a rotating exhibit of local art, as well as the steel sculpture-adorned gallery itself.

No more. Deely is closing the gallery's doors to the public in order to focus "exclusively on private commissions."

This doesn't mean that Deely has barred the gallery's door completely. She plans to host occasional events for her sculptural releases, such as for her current project, a work "inspired by two Idaho Chinese women, Polly Bemis and Gym Nook" (the latter of whom established the original restaurant in the gallery's building), titled Ang. Says Deely of the piece, "it is taking the form of a phoenix-type figure to communicate a rising out of the ashes and chaos of challenging life circumstances." The sculpture will be an impressive 10- to 12-feet tall when completed and Deely's creation of the piece will be part of the subject of an independent film. Deely anticipates that the project, along with other commissions, will occupy her for at least a year.

Says Deely, "I'm excited about the opportunity to focus attention on my visual expressions in metal ... The opportunity to pursue my creative passions has developed because of tremendous encouragement both locally and nationally. I am so thankful for this support!"

Woman of Steel Gallery, 3640 W. Chinden, Garden City, 331-5632.