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Chandi Showroom Sparkles For First Thursday

Downtown chandelier shop finally puts up a sign


Meredith Clark owns a downtown Boise business and, despite the fact it has been in operation for nearly a year, she just got around to putting up a sign.

As it turns out, Clark's specialty is chandeliers, not signs.

"Obviously, it's not the way you want to start a business," Clark joked. "You want to start with, like, 'Here I am.'"

But Clark's company, Chandi Incorporated, doesn't need major branding in the Treasure Valley, largely because Clark already has a list of celebrity customers placing orders for her classic, contemporary and eclectic designs. High-profile clients like Jennifer Lopez, Greg Kinnear and Jessica Simpson have purchased custom-designed chandeliers. She attributes most of her success to positive word of mouth, and admits that doing work for the rich and famous has bolstered the reputation of her establishment.

"People throw out those names so often as a means of promoting their business," said Clark. "I mean, I love that I am able to do it, and I have those same people come back to me."

Clark's creative process involves discovering the relationship light has with the elements of a particular room.

"I try to get the best idea I can of the space and their style and what they are looking for," Clark said. "It helps when I can actually go into the space and see it and get to know them a little bit."

With light from handcrafted chandeliers throwing patterns against Chandi's bright white walls, the store's open bay windows at 1110 W. Jefferson St. provide better advertisement for passing customers than most signs ever could.

"I love everyone's reaction when they walk in," said Clark. "It's my favorite part of it, just seeing how people interact with it and experience what I do."

Clark will open up her showroom First Thursday, June 6, starting at 5 p.m., with snacks and drinks. Guests can enter to win a drawing for free admission to one of Chandi's upcoming craft workshops.

"I'm gonna open it up to doing workshops, so we will be doing chandelier workshops and jewelry making," said Clark. "I am a firm believer in really encouraging people to express, whatever that means."