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Chamber: Just Say No


The Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce has come clean about its perspective on two controversial ballot measures up for a vote on November 7. The business group is telling members to vote "No" on both Propositions 1 and 2.

The Chamber isn't alone in opposing Proposition 2. The anti-"takings" initiative, which would require government to compensate private landowners for perceived loss in revenue from planning and zoning actions, has a wide array of opponents.

"Either way, the taxpayers and the neighbors lose," wrote the Chamber in its note to members.

But when she was asked about the diverse opposition to Proposition 2, local property-rights lawyer Heather Cunningham, who favors the measure, was blunt.

"Government does not give up its power easily," Cunningham said in a Boise City Club forum.

The Chamber's opposition to Proposition 1, which directs the Idaho Legislature to spend approximately $215 million more on Idaho school districts, was more basic. The Chamber said the measure would result in "the largest tax increase in Idaho history."

In response, the campaign pushing for passage of Prop 1 are getting statements from people like Dr. Perry Brown, director of Pediatric Education at the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho. "Citizens have a-once-in-a-generation opportunity to make education funding a higher priority," Brown said in a prepared statement.