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Cercle et Carre and the International Spirit of Abstract Art

Boise Art Museum, runs through Sunday, Oct. 7


You might think a group of artists that only hosted one exhibition would be easily dismissed by art historians, even if it had more than 80 members. Yet that's not so with Cercle et Carre (Circle and Square), the international collective that held a single show in Paris in 1930. According to Boise Art Museum, which will debut a 50-work exhibition dedicated to the group, and a separate one of work by its co-founder Pierre Daura, on Saturday, June 16, Cercle et Carre "represented nearly every trend in modernism: Cubism, Futurism, Dada, Constructivism, Neo-plasticism and Purism," and left a lasting legacy that stretches from Russia to the Americas. Plus, it included the likes of Wassily Kandinsky, Marcelle Cahn and Piet Mondrian.