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Cerberus Rex Plays Neurolux

Tuesday, Aug. 27


In Greek mythology, the Hydra was a multi-headed beast that lurked in the marshes of Lerna. When Hercules cut off one of its heads, two more grew back. To defeat the monster, Iolaus had to burn the Hydra's necks immediately after its heads were severed and then Hercules had to bury the Hydra's immortal center head beneath a rock.

Although local band Cerberus Rex takes its name from one of the Hydra's siblings, it seems as though similar methods would be required to stop this band from playing. The group suffered some setbacks when guitarist Pat Perkins split and bassist/lead singer Josh Galloway severed his thumb. Nonetheless, an opening slot in May for Thrones found the self-described "three headed, river of Styx guarding, dog king of rock" in fine, ferocious form. After this tour kickoff show, Cerberus Rex will depart to terrorize the greater Northwest.