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Celebrity Prayer Candles

Flying M Coffeehouse, $20.95


While American pop culture often treats celebrities as gods, the offerings to them take the form of social media fan accounts and television's unflinching spotlight. Now, however, people can make an offering to a smattering of celebrities in a form of prayer. Varieties of candles include legendary musician David Bowie and presidential candidate and prominent social democrat Bernie Sanders. Prayer candles traditionally make offerings to significant figures in Christianity such as the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ. The candle represents light in spiritual darkness. While one could argue it's a tasteless appropriation of religious culture, it can also be interpreted as a social critique of how American culture treats celebrity figures. The candles can be found at the Boise Flying M Coffeehouse for $20.95 per candle.

$20.95, Flying M Coffeehouse, 500 W. Idaho St., Boise,