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Thwak Thwak Go Crazy: Bang Sugar Bang


Thwak Thwak Go Crazy: Bang Sugar Bang

Being a receptionist (writing reviews doesn't keep bread on the table), I find myself with a lot of downtime. So while I'm twiddling my thumbs and exploring the crevices in my back molars with my tongue, I thought it couldn't hurt to listen to the CDs I was to review. That's when I popped in Bang Sugar Bang. What followed was muffled banging and crashing coupled with rah rah shouts. It was flat out terrible. Luckily, I'm always one to give the benefit of a doubt, so I blamed it on the computer--maybe it was the Dell's sound system. As it turns out, when played in a stereo, Bang Sugar Bang is not too shabby even though I am not a big fan of punk rock. First song was not so great. Then they won me over with, "The Machine Gun Song:" If I could be anything I'd be a machine gun 'cuz every time I see you I'm sorry I don't own one. If I could be anything you know I'd be a landmine. The next time you step on me will really be the last time. Angry lyrics, but set to a bouncy tune that got me bobbing all over the place. They're just fun. Good old AC/DC kind of rock--just there to have a good time.

Yuck! I sound like I'm gushing, however, I do have a couple critiques to offset this. First I'm quickly tiring of these weak drummers we so frequently find in punk bands. What is the deal? Change it up a bit, guys. Maybe that's where BSB got the title for this CD: Thwak Thwak go the drummer--I'm going flippin' crazy! Please oh please can't they implement some beats? The band only consists of three members: Cooper (who's a chick), Matt Southwell and Pawley Filth. Cooper and Southwell alternate lead vocals from song to song. My opinion? Matt needs to be vocals. Keep Cooper in the background, she supplements Matt well. Just don't let her in the foreground. She is so trying to be Shirley Manson and so isn't. Not to say she lacks talent, she just sings a little out of her range and does not go with the music at all.

Other than that, cool CD. Spunky group of people. Quite possibly a lot of fun to see in concert--though I have a hunch that live, their music could turn to mush.