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U.S.E.: United State of Electronica


Cheerful has a new name. If you like dour, brooding music, you can stop reading now; this disc ain't for you. This eponymous release from Seattle's United State of Electronica is relentlessly upbeat, cheery and filled with retro touches like vocoders. Imagine the record that would result if the Scissor Sisters joined Daft Punk, and you've got the sound.

In fact, the cheeriness and enthusiasm can be picked up before even hearing the disc. The album art is done in red foil and bright colors, with such track names as "IT IS ON!" That's the first track, and I'm not shouting when I type it; it's really all caps and an exclamation point. This is a subtle hint that these beat-meisters from the Emerald City are serious about being party people, making you shake your groove thang, etc.

All in all, there are worse goals for an album. Despite the juggernaut, Osmond-like approach to cheer, U.S.E. fulfills their goal of being catchy. Their songs won't stick with you for long--lyrical and musical immortality is beyond the scope and goal of this disc--but they'll make you move on the dance floor. Want to test this assertion? Hit their show at Neurolux on Friday, October 21.