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Revolving door: Damon Castillo


Damon Castillo's CD, Revolving Door, has a nice mixture of sounds and beats in every song. Some of his songs reflect a slight Jamaican sound combined with a Jack Johnson flavor. Damon Castillo puts a lot of meaning in his music that is easy to relate to. His music combines different styles into one unique sound which makes the CD fun to listen to in almost any setting. "Weird World" especially got my attention. It's slow and somehow fast-paced at the same time. It's a touching song because it truly is a weird world out there and sometimes things go unnoticed until someone brings attention to them. The song is thought-provoking but still has a fun feeling and Castillo's voice is particularly excellent on this track. Another great song on the CD is the title track. Initially, the song sounds like it's literally about a door. After listening to it a few times, I realized the song is about someone coming home from far away and is comfortable about returning but unsure how long he'll be able to stay.

Revolving Door is a great CD and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys John Mellencamp or Jack Johnson. This CD is an easygoing listen whether you're in your car, your home or at the office.