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Indian Summer: Carbon Leaf


Rhyming superstars like Carbon Leaf could easily be rappers a la Eminem if they added some sweeping beats and vulgar references. They aren't rappers though; they are Celtic jam rockers that pluck their own instruments with intuitive mastery. Their not-new-but-current album Indian Summer is aptly named, with swinging, lingering aural heat waves that show you how to get lost dancing to the abstract configuration.

Obviously inspired by REM and Americana-washed rockers like Cracker and Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Carbon Leaf takes their album to a trippier level that's packed with vivacious energy and lyrics that can model as audio antidepressants, such as the natural, sugary "Let Your Troubles Roll By."

Scared of a little jam band? Though they do a lot of singing, less noodling than the genre typically encompasses, they could be the gateway drug to jam appreciation by luring in fans of emotional, coherent songs. Be careful, it's enticing how they gently recall the carefree days of summer, long after the leaves start falling.