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Of Love and Lunacy: Still Remains


This is a typical heavy metal, unintelligible, rock CD, complete with angst, doom, and a pesky frog-like lead singer who pops in now and then to shriek some nonsense words. The music itself, is fine, with some catchy rhythms here and there, but nothing noteworthy. Most of the tracks sound straight off the soundtrack of a galactic war anime: Images of flight-suited soldiers boarding their space ships in a frenzy spring to mind.

The second track on the album is the best. The softer voices of the rest of the band mingle with the frog's screaming to make a palatable song. The refrain is catchy and up tempo, despite the melancholy lyrics. However, with 10 more tracks on the album, the second song's title, "The Worst Is Yet to Come," is sadly appropriate.

"With What You Have" is the only instrumental on the album, and well worth listening to. All piano, the track provides a nice change of gears. The low notes play softly, though with ominous overtones, then haunting chords flow in from the higher notes. It is a chilling and lovely tune that lasts all of 78 seconds.

The other songs have a fun, garage band quality that would be nice to listen to if it weren't for the frog interrupting every so often with his croaking-the distraction of the lead singer gets old after awhile, because once you hear one jumble of indiscernible lyrics, you've heard them all.However, if you're looking for some good noise, and don't give a fig about lyrics, Of Love and Lunacy is definitely a good album to mosh to.

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