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CD REVIEW The Tragically Hip: In Between Evolution


The Tragically Hip:

In Between Evolution

These Canadian wonderlords release a new album every two years. Every time it's magic, and each two-year interval is the perfect duration to understand the songs, obsess over the disc and then itch for a new one. This tactic is just another demonstration of their eloquent abilities. However, on the last two albums, singer Gord Downey appeared affected by lovey relationships. Boo. Now he's freed from the typical poetic confines of romance and return to being a master storyteller creating insightful, clever and sophisticated songs. Yay. And the rest of the band is back to their original thick guitar-finagling ways, scoring sick, potentially stand-alone sonic backdrops to Downey's songs about a sad polar bear in the zoo, the melancholy of three international cities and the state of reality after a friend's death. You will bob your head. You will get lost in revelry. You will love this album.

--Jennifer Gelband