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CD REVIEW Colin Blunstone/Rod Argent--The Zombies: As Far as I Can See ...


The Zombies lasted as a group just a few short years of the British Invasion. Now key Zombies Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent have emerged from relative obscurity with a new release under the Zombies name, As Far as I Can See ... . This album is inoffensive, with uninspired, lite-FM melodies and lyrics. Some tunes meander over the line from insipid to cringe-worthy. The album in no way resembles the sweet psychedelic pop of the Sixties-era Zombies, even if their voices retain a certain familiar airiness. Trouble is, the confectionary lightness that was charming on youth becomes undignified forty years later, even creepy. The adolescent urgency that flavored the original Zombies recordings is gone and can't be recovered. These gents seem to be phoning it in, and it's hard to find even an echo of their former selves. As Far as I Can See ... sounds like a weird hybrid of Sting and Randy Newman, with a sprinkling of Steve Winwood. If you came to this new album looking for the Zombies, you will most certainly be disappointed. It's not that they've changed, it's that they've changed for the worse. Listeners will do better to go back to the old Zombies' Odessey & Oracle or one of the many greatest hits collections available instead of this weak effort from guys coasting on mere name recognition.

--Sara Beitia